What type of lock do i have on my door?

The two most common locks types you will find in your door are the Mortice lock shown in the pictures directly to the right and the cylinder style (Rim) lock and key in the picture below. The shaft of the key of the Mortice lock is usually long with a protruding end at a right angle to the shaft.  The profile of the cylinder lock or Rim Cylinder is shorter and grooved on the flat edge.


Wooden doors you will find that a night latch has been installed so you will have a Rim Cylinder (small Yale type key) Also installed may be a Mortice Sash/Deadlock this will have a much larger type key as above.

Can my lock be repaired?

In most cases a repair is not a suitable option. Think about your security and insurance. Will you still be covered? Get in touch or check your insurance details.

Are my locks suitable for home insurance?

Without an inspection of both front and back locks and looking at your policy I cannot tell you for sure. However, we do offer a security check of your home at minimal cost. If you then decide to change your locks you will not be charged for the call out.  Most cases the insurance company will need you to install (wood doors) B/S 3621 approved mortice lock.

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Pvcu Doors

All Upvc/Pvcu and composite doors have a Multipoint locking system.

Many different makes and styles. First open your door and you will see on the edge of the door the Multipoint locking this may have just Rollers that move up and down as you move the door handle to the locking position` also Hooks/shoot bolts/Mushroom pins can be seen. Many different styles and sizes are used on this type of door. This Multipoint locking is controlled by the central gearbox` in most cases the gearbox may have failed so a replacement needs to be installed.

On some units you may have to replace the whole of the locking system. Or upgrade with the Yale Door Master call us for details.

Upgrade your door

Pvcu doors can simply be made more secure by fitting a high security cylinder or Snap Secure cylinder. You can also install security Handles see our products for details, the Handles protect the cylinder from attack and can not be broken off.


The cylinders for this type of door can easily be replaced and upgraded, the Euro like the photo above or Oval cylinder.

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